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I was doing a coaching call the other day, and while speaking to my client, I discerned how the adversary wanted to silence her voice. As I listened to her tell me some of the roadblocks she faced, it was very clear to me why she was facing these challenges.

I told her to write this down, "I am a change agent." When you are a change agent, the culture will fight against you. The culture (status quo) will fight to silence the voice that has the power to bring forth change. Change agents typically stand on the side of right and are often fought against fiercely by church folk, colleagues, family members, so call friends. The list is endless.  We see this in the Bible with the many prophets of old who spoke God's word boldly to bring forth a change to communities and individuals alike.  In 1 Kings 22 chapter, the scriptures recount the story of the prophet Micaiah and his encounter with the infamous King Ahab. Michaiah was one of the few true prophets in the land during King Ahab's reign.

To speed you up, King Jehosophat, before agreeing to go into battle with King Ahab, suggested that Ahab send for a prophet of God to advise whether or not he should go into battle.  This prophet was Michaiah, whom King Ahab was not very fond of. King Ahab felt Prophet Michaiah never told him anything good, in other words, what he wanted to hear.  All the other prophets (prophets of Baal) told him to go into battle, and he would have the victory.  But, the prophet Micaiah advised him not to because he would surely die. Well, Ahab was furious with this change agent and threw him into prison. King Ahab decided to follow the advice of the hundreds of prophets of Baal versus one of God's prophets. Well, Ahab's disobedience resulted in his death.

You see,  aligning yourself and using your God-given voice comes with opposition at times in an effort to silence you, but I implore you to speak. Someone's life is dependent upon you speaking.

A culture, a generation of people needed and still needs Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice.  And, a culture, a generation of people need your voice as well! Speak up!

Use your voice. A generation of people awaits you!


Daughters of God: Speak right, speak boldly, speak thus says the Lord!

Today I leave you with this scripture:


"Keep your eyes open, hold tight to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute, and love without stopping."

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 MSG


Shawnte Mckinnon is an author, media personality, entrepreneur and minister.  She has worked in the financial arena for over 14 years.  She resides in Charlotte, NC. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration from Strayer-Jack Welch Management Institute.

Shawnte' McKinnon



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